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At Jump One we have two GOLDEN rules. They are simple yet incredibly effective rules.

#1 Apply common sense to anything and everything you do whilst in our parks.

With this approach we’re confident you won’t go wrong, the great thing is we abide by this rule too so everything we do has been thought out with common sense and safety for you in mind.

#2 Respect our park at all times.

This one is REAL easy and following this rule will ensure the park stays clean, tidy and safe for future visits as we firmly believe you’ll want to return time and time again.


General Rules

#1 Only jump within your own skill and ability – You will not be the next YouTube sensation on your    first bounce session.

#2 Land on the trampolines not the pads, in the centre is safest – Trampoline equals fun, pads or anywhere else equals Ouch!

#3 Only one person per trampoline – this means no double bouncing your friends!!

#4 No fighting, wrestling, running, grabbing or shoving other bouncers on the Trampolines.

#5 No sitting or laying on the trampolines or pads – there are rest areas around the park, and more importantly this will save you from getting squished.

#6 Land on both your feet, your back or your bum.

#7 No grabbing any of the pads or safety netting.

#8 Appropriate clothing to be worn at all times, loose fitting or athletic clothing wear is ideal.

#9 Only single forward facing flips are permitted.

#10 No cameras, phones or other similar devices are to be taken on the Courts.

#11 Absolutely NO sharp objects to be taken on the courts.

#12 No food or drink are to be taken onto or near the courts.

#13 Jump socks must be worn, this is to prevent slipping. No bare feet allowed please.

#14 All items need to be removed from pockets. All sharp jewellery and clothing such as belts to be removed also. There are secure lockers on site.

And lastly………….No BAD language – this needs no explaining!!

There are just a few extra rules for specific activities



#1 Along with General rules there is to be NO headshots or kicking of the Dodgeball.

#2 If you are hit with the ball you are out.

#3 Court monitor’s decision is final.



Along with General rules.

#1 NO hanging from the hoops of the Basketballs.

#2 Only one “dunk” at a time, have a go and return to the back of the line.



Applying our No1 Golden Rule here will ensure you do not severely injure yourself or others.


#1 No diving head first into the airbag.

#2 Leave the airbag immediately after your landing.

#3 No laying on the airbag.


Battle Beam

#1 Both hands holding onto the pugil at all times.

#2 Do not ‘swing’ the pugil.

#3 Always keep it friendly.


Traverse Wall

#1 Follow displayed instructions.

#2 Never climb directly above or below another climber.